The TRUTH About Facial Rollers

Designed to smooth, de-puff skin and roll away facial muscle tension, facial rollers are the big new trend in skin care.

The practice of facial rolling has been around since the 17th century in China. The Chinese believe jade draws out negative “Qi”. Whether they’re made of jade, rose quartz or some other material, the benefits to facial rolling in undeniable. If you’re contemplating adding a facial roller to your daily beauty routine, here’s what you need to know:

The Benefits

First of, using a facial roller just feels good. Jade stone is naturally cool, and the roller component makes it easy to apply gentle pressure all over the face. When you wake up, it’s natural for your face to look a little swollen, puffy eyes and all. The rolling action can assist your body in draining lymphatic fluid, relieving some of the inflammation or swelling.

Facial rolling also helps lotions, serums, and masks penetrate the skin.  don’t mistake jade facial rollers with the micro-needle facial rollers. Facial rollers are known to remove toxins from the skin, smooth fine lines, decrease dark circles and under-eye bags, ease tension headaches, calm inflammation, heal breakouts, brighten skin, and create an overall feeling of relaxation.

What is Lymphatic Fluid? 

Your body drains lymphatic fluid naturally. Lymphatic fluid carries white blood cells and other immune system molecules to areas under distress in the body. Which is why you may look swollen in certain areas when you’re sick or injured. When those cells have completed their job, the fluid drains away toward your lymph nodes. The lymph nodes filter out all the bad stuff and then send the fluid back into the bloodstream.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to try jade rolling, the process is simple: Apply a few drops of moisturizer, serum, or oil to your clean, dry skin. Then gently roll the facial roller up, down, and all across your skin until the product is fully absorbed.

If you’re using any kind of facial roller at home, you should clean it after each use. The last thing you want is to reintroduce bacteria and dirt back onto your newly glowing face.

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