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Magnolia Orchid Products

What Our Customers are Saying

“I like MO Clinical’s 3 Seconds Concealing Gel so much! Contains multiple natural plant extract ingredients that rapidly reduce inflammation reactions, with excellent results in repairing redness after laser surgery, and reducing the occurrence of side effects.”

Arly Allen

“I love Magnolia Orchid’s Deep Cleansing Gel, it is a slightly acidic; which makes very gentle and does not irritate and disturb the acidic coating of the skin. It thoroughly cleans pores and keeps the skin hydrated at the same time.”

Michele Steffen

“I love Magnolia Orchid’s Deluxe Makeup Remover sooo much! This gentle and non-irritating makeup remover can easily and thoroughly remove makeup and dirt. We uses cutting edge skin care technology; which means the remover does not contain sulphates, nor does it require water for rinsing.”

Angel J. Chen

“Magnolia Orchid’s Algae Repair Mask is one of my favorite. It is for acne prone and sensitive skin.
Algae extracts, taken from the polar ice caps, aid in surfacing the inner glow of your skin, giving it an all-round radiance. The Algae Extracts freezes free radicals, maintain healthy skin, and replenish inorganic minerals.”

Becca Pilgrim