How to Achieve Perfect Dewy Skin – No Makeup Required!

Ditch your concealer and highlighter and try these tips and tricks to achieve a flawless, dewy skin glow.

1. Start ‘Double Cleansing’

After washing your face, you want to believe your skin is completely clean. Until you tone your face afterwards and realize you still had leftover foundation, oil, and dirt on your skin. In an time where air pollution is a significant issue, it’s important to cleanse until you’re confident there is no dirt and pollutants left on your face. If you wear makeup daily, use a makeup remover first to cleanse your skin of any foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, etc. After using a makeup remover or cleansing oil,  wash your face thoroughly again using a deep cleanser to remove any residual products.

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2. Use a generous amount of toner

Be generous with your toner when applying it! Using a soaked cotton pad, apply a hydrating toner of your choice after double-cleansing. When toning, you don’t want to cause friction on your skin. If your toner pads aren’t wet enough, you will end up  scratching and irritating your skin. When toning the goal is to add a gentle moisturization back into the skin on your face, and don’t forget the neck!

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3. Pat, Don’t wipe!

After washing your face, pat your face and neck lightly with a separate face towel. Harshly rubbing your face with a towel can do great damage to the skin over time. Letting your face air-dry is even better than patting it dry. Also, towels hold a large amount of bacteria that you don’t want going back into your freshly cleaned skin.

4. Drink Even More Water

The recommended amount of water you should drink in a day is 2 liters or half a gallon. Drinking the appropriate amount of water daily will increases blood circulation to the skin and also help prevent the early formation of wrinkles. Don’t hesitate to drink even more water, even if you hit your daily quota.

5. Get A Full 8 Hours of Sleep

While you sleep your body heals itself. Not getting enough sleep will prevent your body from completing this natural regeneration process. If you find yourself waking up with worse acne, and dry dull skin, getting more sleep may be the answer. If you sleep more, your skin will be better all around!

6. Use An Illuminating Moisturizer

Give your skin an instant glow,with an illuminating moisturizer. It will hydrate the skin all day, while giving you that natural dewy look.

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7. Highlight With Oil

Using a non-comedogenic oil of your choice, apply a light coat of oil to the high points of your face. This is one of the easiest ways to instantly get glowing skin that looks natural.

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