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Learn more about Deep Cleansing Gel

We use it on our own baby!

At first, one of our sales Angel has found out that her new born baby is having some pimples on his forehead. She was annoyed because you have to be extra careful to take care a new born baby.

One day, she decided to try our own product because she believed it’s made with natural ingredients and 100% safe to use.

She was instructed by our trainer, to dilute our Magnolia Deep Cleansing Gel with lukewarm water and wash her baby’s forehead softly. After one week, her baby’s forehead is cleaned and the pimple is not coming back again.

About Deep Cleaning Gel

Made in USA. Magnolia Orchid’s Deep Cleansing Gel soothes and helps decongest your skin. This unique cleanser removes excess sebum and pollutants from the skin. This Deep Cleansing Gel is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types.

What makes Magnolia Orchid, the brand, unique? Of course, our products are made with natural herbal and plant extracts, without any alcohol and it’s paraben free. That’s why even a new born baby can use our product without any allergic reactions.

What people normally forget about is that we only sell for big bottle, we call it “SPA Size”, which one bottle can last for 6 months uses, uses twice a day. This way we help you to save more money and time to restocking every month.