OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE- Magnolia Orchid & MO Clinical

About Us

Our headquarters is in Los Angeles, U.S.A. Unlike any other skin care company, our highly experienced skin care product development team creates attractive packaging and a distinctive product image.

We have been serving our customers in California and New York for over 10 years. We helps our customers to understand their skin condition and follow up with the best skin care routines.

Why Skin Care Jungle?

First of all, you need to understand that skin care isn’t just putting a random product on your skin, it is to understand your skin first, then according to the conditions to apply the appropriate products.

We provide two aspect of skin care products, Magnolia Orchid (Basic skin care line) and MO Clinical (Clinical level skin care line). If you are looking for a basic skin care products such as cleanser and toner, you should try out Magnolia Orchid skin care line. We use our professional knowledge to craft these basic skin care products, to make sure it is better than others. If you are looking for a higher level skin care, such as pigmentation and anti-aging, you should go for MO Clinical, the clinical level skin care line. 

One thing to mention is that all of our products are paraben and alcohol free, we are proud to say that our skin care products are really good for people with sensitive skin. Not only that, our skin care products are also good for people who just finished their facial treatments.

All products are cruelty free